How TravenUp works

The TravenUp travel community leaves no MyLoFriend behind.


Since you do unique experiences based on your skills, ...


...or you who coordinate tours with a large number of travelers,...

Travel Services

...or you who provide services for travelers!

We all have the same purpose, to delight the customer!

Yes, we hold customers by the hand, always personalized.

Getting started is easy

Use the search filter

To find an experience, tour MyLoFriend or travel services, or even a location.

Search on the subject

The links to social networks help to check, in more depth, what yuou are really loofing for.

Make direct contact


Get in contact with the MyLoFriend, through social networks or by phone. Ask for personalized quotes and combine everything in writing by email or writing messages.

Arrive and enjoy


Your MyLoFriend is someone who knows the details of the place you visit. And you already have his contact! Enjoy.

What makes TravenUp different

We are totally free to ad!


Being free means low costs for customers and MyLoFriends.
About 50% of the profit from a purchase in this sector cover costs for the broker or middlemen.

We insist on direct contact


We want to give you direct contact with those who advertise on our platform.

That's where you get the tips you can't find on Google. Everything happens in real-time with real people.

We are not jealous

Our MyLoFriends may request that you to make a payment through their own payment method channels. We do not have or offer any means of payment. TravenUp never asks for a bank deposit or credit card.



Every process you encounter is Taylor made.

Combine with the MyLoFriend from the prepaid mobile chip at the airport arrivals gate to the most exotic and exclusive travel experience. Everything in the palm of your hand.