A Message from Roberto


Dear friends,


TravenUp is a traveling showcase where professionals from different sectors can present themselves as providers of services, tours, and unique experiences. We do not charge for this, we do not make any ad more expensive, making travel increasingly accessible. With this, travelers have access to information, negotiations, and direct hiring. 

We know that travel will resume with great force as soon as this pandemic is controlled and we want to be an inclusive channel for the thousands of professionals who are losing their formal jobs. We will help qualified professionals to reinvent themselves in a collaborative economy, acting directly and benefiting everyone in a lean and balanced business chain.

In the near future, we believe that it will be natural and necessary for all travelers to access TravenUp to check the newest and unique they can find in their destination.  We wish that all travelers became our MyLoFriends, even if offering their information for free, generating the largest travel community in the world.

We enjoy people and we want to meet who will join forces with us to make TravenUp an essential tool for travelers while making a difference in their careers and their lives.


All the best,


Roberto Areias